Stone is a familiar name for humanity, from the beginning of its life to this day is one of the most important elements in human life. Today, rocks play an important role in the building industry, as well as other industries that work in the field of floor coverings, walls and facade of the building, it is the stone that comes first from nature and beauty, thanks to its stunning beauty and beauty.



The largest and most fascinating attractions of history are mostly made to the monuments. A remarkable attraction in these historic monuments, created by the mighty architects known all over the world, is the massive use of rock. The durability, diversity and aesthetic value of the stone, which has become popular among the architects of the community and is one of the most original building materials of the late. We believe that the architectural engineers in carrying out the projects bear heavy responsibility have. They are creative ideas and new designs, and need technical information on building materials to guide the selection of optimal products. With this in mind, Sultani is ready to provide engineering and technical consulting services to engineers in our dear country.

With the passage of time and the advancement of technology in Iran, the existence of modern and large buildings is felt more than ever, and this is not the case except by the efforts of specialized contractors and mass makers working on this border. In this regard, the royal stone is based on the experience of experienced managers. And extensive communication with its successful colleagues is ready to receive orders for various types of imported stones


Soltani's collection, based on more than half a century of experience of its directors and founders in the field of producing and supplying various types of building stones, intends to continue this way as a past and future companion to the builders and contractors of the country of our beloved Iran.

This complex is excavated with high operational capability, the travertine Hajiabad Mahallat which is one of the contractors of this mine (region 17) and is cut and processed at its factory in Tehran (the industrial zone of Shams Abad, Shahre Ray).

Due to the increasing need for construction in the country and the existing challenges, we are determined to bring our products, such as all kinds of marble and granite travertine, to our distinguished customers.


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